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Yo what’s up guys how’s everyone doing.

Today I’m going to be talking to you about5 budget smartphones.

If you’re a student, it’s around about thistime of the year that you’re gonna be looking for a new phone.

This list of 5 smartphones isn’t in any particularorder but I do definitely think that you should take a look at each of these smartphones ifyou’re considering one on a budget. (more…)



Hey guys! It’s the season for giving and receivinggifts and, of course, that also means gift wrapping so I wanted to make a video givingyou some ideas of unique and personalized things that you can use to wrap your giftsthis year.

I’m going to show you how to use old mapsto wrap a gift like this.

I am focusing in on this gorgeous part ofthe map which is what I’m aiming to have on the top of the present.

I’m drowning! So this paper’s very overwhelming so I’mjust going to start cutting.

And this map, because it is such a large gift,is going to have some fold marks on the top but that’s fine.

It just makes me think of all the timesit’s been unfolded by people looking for something and makes me love it that much more. (more…)


Grace College – School of Professional & Online Education

today’s world is different today’s worldthere are so many learners who arn’t traditional students their not eighteen or nineteen year olds who wanna live ina dorm and attend chapel and go to basketballgames they can’t their lives are different ourschool was designed specifically to provide grace educational experience for non traditional learners being an adult student is exciting butit’s also really challenging as you can imagine having a full-timejob in many cases have a family and coming backto school creates a a bit about hectic life attimes Individuals start their college life and then somethinginterrupts it the need to finish that degree in so westarted a very specific program a program of which I am terribly proudcalled goal goals stands for Graceopportunities for adult learners and if they come to us with theequivalent up an associate’s degree then they will complete another sixtycredits in the space of 16 to 20 months I really really excited when and graceoffer the goal program and working with a lot of other people that were doingthe same thing as me and motivating each other andencouraging each other so it wasn’t just me trying to do this it was really awhole team and everyone got behind everybody else I would say the people who set it up are smart they actually know that that you mayhave been at school for a while so they’re very heartless and the factthat you may be scared to death we realize that lifehappens you know so we were very careful to make sure we do one night a week rather than you know five times orthree times whatever so were careful one night a week it’s reallyrewarding when a student comes back to me and says you know wasn’t looking for that class but I wasable to use my compilation in a reason job interview and they’ve gotten a promotion becauseit helped my employer see me as more than just someone who works on thefactory floor as to someone who has professional communication abilities. (more…)


Weight Loss Meal Plan – How To Choose Best Weight Loss Meal Plan For Your Weight Loss Goals?

How To Choose Best Weight Loss Meal Plan For Your Weight Loss Goals? There are thousands of people each year who decide to go on a weight loss plan.

Often they will end up failing on the diet plan within a very short time.

Follow these steps to get started on a diet plan and see the great results that you have always wanted.

! Write it down Writing down a contract with yourself about all of your weight loss goals.

Use it to remind yourself of all you goals and hard work when times are getting tough.

By this way, you will be able to keep yourself motivated to stay on the weight loss plan for the long term. (more…)


Smartphone with Snapdragon 835 Expected to Announce in 2017

top 10 smartphone with Snapdragon 835 expected to announce in 2017 number one samsung galaxy SI the galaxy SI tan si plus us variants only are expected to be equipped with the Snapdragon 835 processor rest of the s8 specs aren’t any far from the best available as Peru vers as it’s expected to hit the market with 6gb end 8gb ram 64gb storage dual camera full front display and 3d or force touch pressure sensitive display expected galaxy s 8 release date is set for march 2017 with announcement on februari 26 number to galaxy note 8 with the note series still seemingly alive in spite of the note 7 blunder we expect the Galaxy Note 8 again us variants only to house a Snapdragon 835 chipset unless Qualcomm release an upgrade to it in the form of Snapdragon 836 or something all the specs from the SH should be taken to notate to with the addition of note line super favorite the s-pen expected to release in September 2017 number three HTC 11 the HTC 11 would be powered by the Snapdragon 835 to and will sport a 5. (more…)


The Xiaomi RedMi 4A Review & unboxing – is it worth the price? Amazing +3 days battery life!

Xiaomi has been more roll lately and not only introduced the Mi Mix and Mi5s but also introduced the budget model RedMi 4A let’s find out if it’s worth eighty dollars hey guys what is up Martin here today and will show you the Xiaomi RedMi 4 A that has quite an interesting color pink what are thinking? let me know in the comments below also don’t forget to Like and subscribe this video as the review of the Xiaomi RedMi 4 will be ready soon keep watching so here’s the box that the phone comes in plain white with some webshop branding on the side of the box to we see the name and specs on the back of the box inside the right before a itself and the big looks quite nice but it looks a little bit curly let’s put it aside for a moment see what’s in the box itself in the box we have the regular products to the phone usually consul on Chinese adapter a regular microUSB innocent ray detective issues will not have thumbs the 4a supports dual-sim were to mention cars fitted for one micro-sim and microSD card up 220 device the frame fuel solid and doesn’t have any large gaps on the phone we still find a 2.



The ULTIMATE Final Fantasy XV Review (Xbox One & PS4)

Hello, and welcome to our review of Final Fantasy XV, the fifteenth mainline game in the series.

Today we will be taking a look at the good,the bad and the ugly of the game, as well as comparing the the Xbox One and PS4 versionsagainst each other, looking over the details.

With a lineup comparable to that of GTA, you’dthink that the Final Fantasy series has been growing steadily ever since it’s conceptionand birth in 1987 but that hasn’t been the case for the last few games, and some playershope that the newest entry can bring the franchise back to it’s former glory.

Final Fantasy XV’s story is heavily dependanton the player having watched the movie Kingslave: Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood Final FantasyXV, an animated tv series.

Without watching the two separate medias,the player might feel lost at the best of times, and completely confused at the worstof times.

Even for the fans who have seen the movieand the show, the story is very hard to follow and some major moments aren’t even shownon screen and are only referenced causing further confusion. (more…)


Samsung #GalaxyS8, Galaxy S8 edge rumor review: specs, features, expectations

It’s never too early to find rumors about a much-anticipated device, especially if it’s a flagship one.

That applies to Samsung twice, since the bar is always raised twice as higher with the more popular manufacturers out there.

Needless to say, rumors about Samsung’s next flagship handset will be flying left and right in the upcoming months, since we largely expect it to get unveiled sometime in early February 2017, probably just before next year’s MWC trade show.

After the excellent Galaxy S7 and S7 edge arrived earlier this year, we have largely set our expectations to “high”.

After that unfortunate Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung is perfectly aware that all eyes will be fixated on it as its next batch of top-end phones arrives on the shelves sometime next year.

Samsung simply can’t afford to make the same mistake once again as this will have enormous repercussions to its brand image. (more…)


Minecraft: How to SPREAD Herobrine. (Explained)

yo what’s up guys this is revemtonmc andtoday, i will be talking about how to spread herobrine.

I will be talking about a lot of illegal stuffsso please do not try this at home, at school or anywhere.

So there are only two hard steps of accomplishingthis, and there are only three steps total.

first step, what is your target? android? iOS? Windows? so first you need to choose yourtarget.

second step, you need to write the code thatyou want to replace with.

get the minecraft code you want to replace,like entity file, and you are going to decompile it and then weite the herobrine code. (more…)